Dialysis water purification system using EDI technology

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When the kidneys are completely ineffective only two ways : one is for a kidney transplant on someone else to her , the other is a few times every week to go to specialized centers for dialysis , the aim is to the toxic waste and excess water out.
Vietnam has nearly 100,000 end-stage kidney disease requiring treatment . The replacement , kidney transplant cost is very high , so patients primarily treated with dialysis techniques , ie hemodialysis .
There are two types of dialysis . If blood from the body to run a machine to filter out toxins , and the blood is called back by artificial kidney dialysis ( Hemodialysis ) . If using a salt solution and glucose injected into the abdomen to draw toxins from the body through the peritoneum , then pulled out, it is called peritoneal dialysis ( peritoneal Dialysis ) .
Ultrapure water
In hemodialysis system , water is one of the most important factors . On average, patients need dialysis to 22,000 liters of ultrapure water per year . Because nephrotic no ability to filter impurities , ions and bacteria enter the bloodstream very easily transmitted from water with unexpected risks , including death . The inorganic elements such as aluminum , mercury , copper, lead and zinc as toxic organic nitrates , nitrites , ammonia , chloramines , bacteria , algae , fungi are causing accidents .
Therefore, the water used for artificial kidney should be carefully treated : First, filtration , temperature and pH adjustment . Then softening , demineralization by ion exchange . Next, the water passes through activated carbon filter tank for adsorption of organic impurities . The refining segment begins with Reverse osmosis membranes , water passing through and just kept lingering impurities , including ion / electrolyte . To make sure more is possible for the water through ion exchange EDI , remove all the anions and cations .
Services upheld ultrapure
 Ultrapure water may still not be enough . After dialysis fluid mixed with canopy , this solution through a membrane filter is not anymore in the dialysis machine . This is the final layer of protection to prevent impurities , bacteria can enter the system after the refining process .
Subscribe computer : In the dialysis process , water and monitoring services are upheld by the screaming and specialized programming . The parameters of water quality , temperature , pressure , flow rate and dilution in water needs absolute precision .
Due to strict requirements for quality and reliability , only the treatment system is calibrated standard AAMI ( Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation ) will be used . In addition, manufacturers have to buy product liability insurance cost is not small .
Water quality requirements for artificial kidney
Water used for artificial kidney must meet the criteria set by the Association of Medical Tech ( AAMI ) regulations applicable to the artificial kidney center .
Water filtration system diagram hemodialysis
The water source drinking water standards
► multi- layer filter backwash
► Activated carbon filter backwash
► Ion exchange
► separator 5 Mircrons
► separator 1 Mircron
► Ultrafiltration 0:01 Mircron
► Reverse osmosis multilayer Mircron 0001
► Demineralization with EDI System
► Disinfection by UV
► Filter identify bacteria
General requirements
- Power systems are met : from 500 l / h - 10,000 l / h
- Assembly units : Nika CORPORATION
- Year: Current Year
- Components, a new input device 100 % .
- Equipment shall be suitable for tropical climate of Vietnam .
- Voltage : 380V , 3 phase , 50 Hz and 220V , 1 phase , 50 Hz frequency
- The State water quality standards for hemodialysis machines AAMI American , active safety , efficiency , low economic value .
- The system removes 99.9995 % metals , toxins dissolved , remove 100 % of bacteria , viruses in water
- The monitoring system will monitor and display continuous power , pressure , water quality ... of the system .

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