Water purifier RO 10 liters / h - 5 filter cabinet - Malaysia


Pure Water Filter RO capacity 10 l/h- 5 Filter



Pure Water Filter RO capacity 10 l/h- 5 Filter


Nika Corporation


12 months


White / green

Slot size filter

0,001 Micron

Operating temperature max


Pressure max

15 bar

Public Rate

10 l/h


Taking immediately without boiling


Fitting directly into the drinking water supply

Finished water tank Galons 3.2 - 10 liters.

The device consists of five filter cartridges

Nonmagnetic stainless steel cabinet

Power: 24V

 R.O Filmtec membrane - made in USA. 

No need to input water pressure Automatic alarm for water shortage.

Auto stop when water level reaches the limit, helps to save power.

Automatic discharge of waste water.


3.450.000 đồng

Main functions of product

Introduction of pure RO water purifier Nika

 Water Filters R / O Nika help you and your family minimize the common diseases related to water issues do not qualify, helping to extend the human lifespan. Filter Reverse Osmosis R / O issued patents in the United States, invented by U.S. scientists OIRRAJIN.

Municipal water system in general and particularly wells completely unqualified and can cause harm to human health even when boiled. The toxins entering the body remains in a long time and cause damage to the internal organs such as the liver, bladder, kidney, bladder .... It is native born incurable diseases such as cancer, kidney stones and may be related to neurological diseases.

Water filtration system R / O system applicable standard water purification technology in the world today operate on the principle of reverse osmosis process automation and complete elimination of harmful substances in water, such as pesticides and radioactive substances, the viral, toxins derived nitrogen. Special treatment is entirely domestic heavy metals: manganese, copper, lead, mercury, arsenic, and other metals ...

The advantage to using RO Vietnam genuine Nika

- Do not need the level of water pressure - Automatic water suction at a depth of 2m

- Automatically shut off the machine when lack of water.

- Automatically shut down when the water filled container.

- Automatically stops when discharge shutdown

- Save power (24v), water

- Stable quality (goods produced according to European standards)

- Service: Customers are members of our family (boldness, enthusiasm, economics)

- Replacement parts are universal, lifelong care products

Components, accessories and functions of each part:

Power: 24V


Input voltage: 220V, 24V DC power supply for the pump R / O

Van depressions

Auto power off when water loss

Solenoid valve

When the machine stops working

Pump R / O

Create a 125 PSI pressure equivalent to 8 kg pressure, pressure to push water through the RO membrane

High Pressure Valve

Auto power off when the vessel (tank) is full.

Follow emissions

Limit waste flow 300 cc / min


Get into the water from the tank to use..

The source water connection fittings

Connect the water source to the machine

Stainless Steel Cabinets

Protection from insects, rats, water, oxidation ...


Used to remove, install, filter cup filter whenever you replace

R.O Films (USA)

Pure filtered water

PP Core - Number 1

Filter block upstream, 05 filtration slit mircrons

OCB Core - Number 2

Absorb odors, toxins ...

Core CTO - Number 3

Filter and absorb organic material, filter slot 05 mircrons

R.O filter-Number 4

Filter full metal ions, viruses, bacteria remaining in the water

Core T33 - Number 5

PH stability, taste, smell


Reserve water

The papers of the company

Catalogue, warranty card, user manual and stamp down against counterfeiting.

Time to replace each filter


Filter 1

Filter 2

Filter 3

Filter 4

Filter 5

The total flow











Change time

3 months

6 months

6 months

36 months

24 months


Please read the user manual before use to promote and extend the functions of water filters R / O.

1. Do not use hot water to filter

2. No adjoining sewage

3. Do not take, use filters

4. When you are used to check and replace filters 1, 2, and 3 on time Contact our company for advice. 

  • Model: NK1005KTML
  • Shipping Weight: 15.5lbs
  • 500 Units in Stock

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