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Core pH - Alkaline

Product Core pH - Alkaline

Distributors Nika

Origin Taiwan

Material Stone pH

Warranty 06 months

The color yellow, blue, green banana big.

Size input / output ¼”

Operating temperature max 40°C

Maximum pressure 4.0 bar

Flow 3-10 GLM/P 

Features Used to increase the pH of the RO water 10l / h, 

Price 280.000 đồng

20l / h, 30l / h, 50L / h ...

Description Features of Product 

Maybe not many people know that the objective elements visible as 

environmental pollution, diet, activity and irrational psychological state of 

tension, sorrow is the cause of the increase the amount of excess acid in the 

body. At this time, the amount of oxygen (oxygen) from the body is reduced, 

blood service status imbalance problem leads to a lack of calcium in the bones, 

causing osteoporosis, osteoarthritis with many other incurable diseases ...

Where is the solution to this problem?

Apart from routine sources carefully selected high alkaline foods (watermelon, 

bitter gourd, pumpkin, celery ...), then the use of alkaline water plays an 

extremely important role in the removal of acid surplus, thereby helping to 

increase the body's resistance and reduce any disease. So what is alkaline water?

Alkaline Water - golden key to healthy life

Alkaline water suitable for drinking and cooking water with a pH from 8.0 to 

9.5, contains many hydrogen antioxidant activity, helping to reconcile excess 

acid in the body and prevent aging.

In the U.S., Times Science proved "highly alkaline water helps to remove 

free oxygen and toxic waste, protect DNA from aging, helps prevent and treat 

support numerous diseases insurance such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, 

stomach pain, gout ... "

In Japan, popular alkaline water as a prerequisite for a high quality of life, 

and the State Department of Health also demonstrated that use of alkaline 

water daily is one way to prevent disease, is a health care and beauty is simple, 

natural, effective and economic fit all.

Core Alkaline - effective tool to bring alkaline water

The question is, we get alkaline water where?

Currently, on the market there are many types of water filters, of which there 

are machines added core Alkaline (alkaline filter creation) to increase the pH of 

water, losing environment "acidic" - helps the body to increase the resistance 

and support against any disease treatment and improve the quality of purified 

water by adding minerals suitable for the development of the human body such 

as calcium, magnesium , Sodium, Potassium ... Thus, the use of water from the 

core Alkaline water filter means your family is protected best.

Also make alkaline cores, customers can choose from more cores and 

infrared mineralization, are known for other functions such as: Increase blood 

circulation, eliminate fat, anti-aging body; remove arsenic , heavy metals, 

toxins, improve taste, enhance nervous system function ...

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