Membrane 75 Gallons R.O

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GPD RO Membrane 75 - 15 l / h
Product Name RO membrane GDP 75 - 15 l / h
Nika distributors
Made in USA
Warranty 03 months
Green White Colors
Micron filter slot size 0.001
Operating temperature max 60 ° C
Maximum pressure 15 bar
Flow rate 15 l / h
Features For pure RO water purifier

Product Description Features
TECHNOLOGY RO (Reverse Osmosis)
As one of the achievements of science and technology. Launched in the 60s of the last century in the United States, carrying a quick RO technology leader in water treatment.
What is reverse osmosis?
Reverse osmosis is a process in which a membrane acts as a molecular filter to remove up to 99% of all dissolved solids, bacteria, small particles and compounds Organic molecular weight greater than 300 or the particle size of about 0.001 microns.

For pure water filtration equipment using reverse osmosis - RO, the natural process of osmosis, in which the pure water flows through a filter to keep the content of insoluble residue. To accomplish this purpose, a pump is used to create pressure for water flow through the membrane and waste discharge concentrated drain ..
Why use RO pure water treatment
- RO removes 99.9% of bacteria, absolutely safe when taken without the other is like the water was boiling.

- RO removes all harmful substances and chemicals found in the groundwater, river water, surface water, and in the process use contaminated water sources.

- RO removes all the products made from chlorine when chlorine is used for disinfection purposes in water treatment. All manufactured products such as THM from chorine, science has proven that quality is the cause of cancer.
Features of RO
- All the components are standard quality NSF - U.S. recognized.
- High quality, stable pressure, pump mounted.
- Low power consumption, high-quality films for energy conservation.
- Low power consumption.
- In terms of size, RO membranes are also considered nanoscale membranes. The difference is that people give up on the membrane water slide. The purified water is smaller than would be absorbed into the other side, the water contains bacteria, viruses, and the larger mineral water molecules on the membrane will slip and go out. In RO purifier water is somewhat like vay.Va so will not clog.
This restriction is overcome in nanoscale membrane.

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