Manganese Ore

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Manganese Ore
The Company's products are manganese ore containing 20 % manganese from manganese or more divided into the following product categories :

Mn ore with 20-23 %
Mn ore from 24-27 %
Mn ore from 28-29 %
Mn ore from 30-34 %
Mn ore than 35 %
Manganese is a chemical element , by the symbol Mn . It has the atomic number 25 . It is found as an element in nature ( often in combination with iron ) , and in many minerals . As a free element , manganese is a metal alloy uses important industrial metal , especially stainless steel .

Manganese ore products used as raw materials input multiple Feromagan practice , a key compound used in the steel industry . In addition, manganese is also used in many other industries such as industrial dyes , paint manufacturing , water treatment , .. v. .. v. .


Manganese is gray-brown metal , like iron . This is a hard metal and is very brittle , difficult to fuse , but easily oxidized . Manganese magnetic only when specially treated . Oxidation state of its popularity is +2, +3 , +4 , +6 and +7 , though oxidation states from +1 to +7 were recorded . Mn 2 + often interacts with Mg2 + in biological systems , and manganese compounds bearing oxidation state +7 are powerful oxidizing agents .

 Manganese plays an important role in the production of iron and steel for desulfurization effect , oxygen reduction , and bring the properties of the alloy . Currently, the technology of steel and iron manganese use most (about 85-90 % of total demand ) . In other purposes , manganese is a major component in the production of stainless steel at low cost , and in aluminum alloys . This metal is added to gasoline to reduce blast shaper filter to the engine . Manganese dioxide is used in dry cell batteries , or catalysts . Manganese is also used to bleach colored glass ( green remove generated by iron ) , or purple coloring for glass . Manganese oxide is a brown pigment , used to make paint , and is part of the natural dark brown color . Kali penmanganat is strong oxidant , disinfectant used in chemistry and medicine. Manganese phosphate chemical method for rust and corrosion of steel . It is most often used to produce coins . Currently , there is no practical technology solutions that can replace or manganese with other materials used in the water or sediment enrichment technology .

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