UV Lamp 12 gallons / minute

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UV light disinfection 12 Gallons / min
Product Name UV light disinfection 12 Gallons / min
Nika distributors
Made in Taiwan
Material SUS 304 stainless steel casing
Power 16W, 24W, 52W
Warranty 12 months
Size input / output ½ inch
Operating temperature 90 ° C max
Maximum pressure 8.5 bar
Flow rate 44 l / min
For HT features pure RO water filter, crystal filter HT ...
4.650.000 VND Price

Product Description Features UV light disinfection
Ultraviolet light (UV)
Having made almost like fluorescent lamps commonly used. However, instead of passing light is ultraviolet (UV)
There are several types of Ultraviolet (UV)
There are 3 types: UVA, UVB and UVC. Ultraviolet light is within the range from 10 thousand to 100 thousand million million times per second (frequency between 1015 and 1016 Hertz), faster than light from one thousand to 10 thousand times. But all rays are weaker with distance like a stone circle that causes the surface of water, tossed it into the water.
UVA with wavelengths from 400 to 315 nanometer range is closest to our eyes visible (1 nanometer (nm) equals one billionth of a meter). That was the weakest areas of energy. In contrast to its deepest penetration into the skin and makes joining a tan leather back. UVB (315 to 280 nm) is more intense UVA. Penetration through the atmosphere, it is a major cause tanning but also is the cause of skin cancer and cataract patients. UVC (280 to 100 nm) is the strongest and therefore the most dangerous. All penetrate through the ozone layer, it does not reach the Earth.
Why Ultraviolet necessary?
UVB absorption by the skin has led to the synthesis of vitamin D is essential for bone. Over 1 hour beach body synthesize vitamin D needed for 1 month. UVA effective psoriasis treatment, like when we used UVA lamp. UVB and UVC sterilizing water and surgical instruments. UV light can be used to clean the air filter in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems of the office.
Why high doses used in the hazardous ultraviolet rays?
The Ultraviolet has exacerbated the photochemical pollution attacks on living tissue. Everyone knows that one of its components is well known ozone (the lower atmosphere) causing suffocation and no taste whatsoever.
The UVA and UVB induce sun. In the long term effects of this radiation is weaken the immune system so the body fend off bad with some strains. Viruses such as herpes has operations back under the sun. An additional risk: cause mutations of skin cells or cancer.
Thanks to the ability to destroy strong bacteria, UV light is used in the treatment of drinking water directly without boiling as: Used for RO machine, Nano, filtered pure water, sterile water .... The leaching older generation usually equipped with UV. This system has three core water filter and then ultraviolet lights arranged behind to handle the bacteria.

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